Chinto Kayl Wado Karate Luxembourg

18 & 19 october 2014

International Cup of Kayl - 2014

Kayl (Luxembourg)

, par Magali J.


Draws and Timetable are available for download on Sportdata :



The International Cup of Kayl is hosted over 2 days !

On Saturday competitors under 14 years and on Sunday over 14 years will compete in the following categories :

Saturday 18th October 2014

U8 + U10 + U12 + U14

PDF - 370.3 ko
Affiche de la Coupe Internationale de Kayl 2014

Sunday 19th October 2014

U16 + U18 + U21 + SENIOR

The schedule for the 2 days :

13h00 KUMITE

Access map

Afficher Hall Sportif sur une carte plus grande

Address, GPS info :

Hall des sports à Kayl
96 r. du Faubourg
L - 3640 Kayl (Käl)


   Saturday -14 years : Kata & Kumite   
   Sunday +14 years : Kata & Kumite   

Please visit for more information on categories and online inscriptions.

Inscription will only be accepted if done over Sportdata !

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If you have trouble with the inscriptins do not hesitate to contact us.


These rules must be followed by all coches :

  1. Coches need to register via sportdata.
  2. Inscription fees are : 15€ per coach
  3. -# Coaches must be over 18 years.
  4. Coaches need to wear sports clothing.
  5. A photo is required for every coach and will be printed on the access badges so please upload the coach photos on sportdata.
  6. No coach card without photo will be issued !
  7. No additional badges will be issued competition day. So please remember to register all the coaches.


Length of a match is :       1 minute 30 for children under 14.
2 minutes for every one over 14.      

If a category has less that 4 competitors, they will automaticaly be moved up to the next category.

  • Open for all grades
  • Valid sports’ licence obligatory
  • Tooth protector obligatory
  • Red an blue fist protectors obligatory
  • Red an blue belts to bring along
  • Rules according to WKF system


Each kumite competitor has to be weighted BEFORE the start of the kumite competition. The weighting is open from 9h to 13h.

It is also possible to do the weighting on Friday 17th October from 14h30 to 17h.

Every category change on competition day (due to a false category or weight inscription) will be charged 10 euros.

PDF - 1.6 Mo
Règlement compétition KATA 2014


If a category has less that 4 competitors, they will automaticaly be moved up to the next category.


The best male and female COMBINED (kata & kumite) competitors will be determined on both days, Saturday (-14 ans) and on Sunday (+14 ans).

Each competitor having a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in kata and kumite categories is entitled to 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for second place and 3 points for third place. The highest total wins.

If a contestant participates in several categories, we will take into account his age group to calculate the actual points for the "BEST COMBINED KATA / KUMITE".

In case of tie, the cup will be awarded to the youngest.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is 15 € per head / event category.

Every category change on competition day (due to a false category or weight inscription) will be charged 10 euros.

Please do the payment before 4th of October :

Bank account : CHINTO KAYL
IBAN : LU11 0020 1501 1850 0000

We do NOT accept checks.

Every late inscription will be charged 30€. (last deadline noon Wednesday)

Please bring your payment receipt on competition day and show it on registration.


Please check out our Hotels and transport page.

Note : please do your reservations as soon as possible !!!

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  • Babak Hadizadeh
    International Cup of Kayl - 2014

    Welche der folgenden Kata Reihenfolgen ist in der Gruppe kata U10 möglich :

    Poolfinale 1/2 Fin. Finale

    1. A B C C C

    2. A B C C B

    3. A B C B C


    • Magali J.
      International Cup of Kayl - 2014

      Die 3. Option.

      Die 3 ersten Katas müssen verschieden sein, danach dürfen die Katas wiederholt werden (auch in den Trostrunden) aber sie müssen von Runde zur Runde verschieden sein.

      Pour nos amis francophones :
      Les catégories pupilles, benjamins et minimes doivent exécuter un Kata différent de chacun des trois premiers tours. Pour les tours suivants et au cours des repêchages, le compétiteur peut refaire un Kata des 3 premiers tours (Kata différent à chaque tours)


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